igloofest 2012

you know how everyone makes stereotypical jokes about canadians riding polar bears to work and living in igloos? well, even though riding a polar bear to work would be pretty freakin’ sweet, here in montreal, life in an igloo is what winter is all about. IGLOOFEST is an outdoor electronic music festival that happens the last 3 weekends in january. since its start in 2007, igloofest has evolved into montreal’s hottest (coldest?) party. only in montreal will you find 10 000 people nuts enough to go dance outside in negative 30 degree weather. just another reason why i love this city.
the concept of igloofest in itself is pretty crazy – huge light displays, bars made of ice, firepits for marshmallow roasting, ice sculptures, a massive dancefloor and of course, igloos all over the place. no matter what the weather, everyone and their mother is at igloofest in january. unlike PIKNIC ELECTRONIK (igloofest’s sister event during the summer), igloofest is the kind of event you can enjoy even if you know absolutely nothing about electronic music. which, let’s face it, most people at igloo don’t — it’s much more a novelty than anything, and that’s what makes it so awesome. everyone is there to boogie (mostly because if you’re not dancing, you’ll freeze).

so far, i’ve been to 3 igloos this year — BURAKA SOM SISTEMA, TIGA and TERENCE FIXMER and just the other night, the one and only MAX COOPER with a closing set by SEBASTIEN LEGER. buraka was a really crazy night, even though i was stone sober, the portugese music project threw down a really upbeat set! their live performance was super funky, and even though that kind of fusion of techy-progressive/almost hip-hop-esque style isn’t always my thing – i was definitely feeling it that night!!

the night with tiga and terence fixmer was a little different – good vibes and solid beats were dampened with a phone mishap/me wandering around alone…an incident that i haven’t been able to live down since. fixmer played it deep and intense though, which was welcome after a kind of underwhelming set by tiga.

finally, max cooper and seb leger tore the place up on saturday night! playing for a sold out crowd that was fucking raging; mosh pits, crowd surfing, people dressed as bananas/bunnies/pacman…trying to get close to the stage was impossible and a near death experience for the most part. once we found a roomy spot at the back, dancing was a lot easier, and thank god!! cooper played a solid set, although weird and experimental at times (you know, where dancing turns into either chatting to your friend or bobbing awkwardly) (although…bobbing awkwardly is pretty much my go-to move). seb leger killed it though, dropping a really fun, bouncey set that you could enjoy even if you didn’t know any better.

honestly, if you haven’t been to igloofest (you’d be surprised at the number of MTL natives that haven’t gone), it’s definitely, definitely the best part of winter in montreal. what better place than one where dancing = survival?!


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