oh, hello.

it’s been approximately a year since i started talking about how much i want to start my own blog. it’s also been approximately a year since i started making excuses as to why i’m not ready to have my blog go live. for the record, excuses are way easier to make than a blog. it wasn’t until i got my shit together (a week ago) that i realized that blogging is more than just nattering away at your computer. well…okay, maybe it’s not much more than that but to actually gain a following? this is going to be more work than i thought. and let’s be honest, working hard to accomplish your goals? please.

on the real though, i’m excited to finally share my voice with the internet world (aka my mom, my boyfriend and maybe 3 of my friends). i was talking a little about what kind of work i’d be publishing here, and my convenient answer has become “music, fashion, a little of everything” — but it’s the truth. i don’t want to be held back by labels or genres. and i guess that tells you a little about me, too.

i’m a 22 year old living the dream in montreal, quebec. and by “living the dream” i obviously mean i’m unemployed (though very recently after a company-wide lay-off) and have no idea where my life is going. my hobbies include singing off-key, nap-taking, writing, tearing up the dancefloor like a boss and generally making a scene. this is a space for me to share my city and my soul with you. my name is emma…and this is my life <3


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