oh my gold

even though new year’s eve was 2 weeks ago, this post has been brewing for a while now…clicky clicky to read more after the jump.

NYE is basically an excuse for the public at large to get disgustingly drunk, wear sparkles and spend half the night crying in the bathroom (or get put on probation at your workplace for excessive drinking). all of which i’ve done on NYE in montreal. this year, we had a pretty silly pot luck in my neighbourhood of verdun, that included a lot of dancing (read: drunkenly stumbling around my friend’s living room to some of our favourite tracks of 2011) and eating (i made peanut butter/reese’s pieces cookies) (and by that i mean my chef friends made them and i took credit).

my roommate and a couple of our friends then headed to STEREO MONTREAL for some robot time on the dancefloor. stereo is an after-hours club located in the gay village of montreal — with arguably the best soundsystem in montreal, stereo has played home to DJs, producers and of course, dancers from all over the world. NYE was no different – one of my faves, D-FORMATION (from spain) tore up the decks until well into the morning. a surprise opening set from JOHN CREAMER made the $65 ticket price go down a bit easier. d-formation is a tech house producer/DJ, who also runs a label called BEAT FREAK RECORDINGS. he’s done some pretty dopeness remixes and i think his sound is really special – deep and bouncy with decent drops that make you work like crazy out on the dancefloor. he played a nice set at stereo, the crowd was loving it and so was i. although i could have done with less people screaming his name at him. he knows what his name is. relax. all in all it was a rad night – there really is no place like (((home))).

the theme was gold. GOLD, i tell you. if you know me at all, you’ll know that i jump at any opportunity to dress up (i’ve worked a tutu and a wig out in public at 1 in the afternoon, post party). i rocked a gold sparkly mask and accessories with a rise-and-fall skirt i bought at forever 21 for 20 bucks, that i am absolutely in love with. it made me feel like a mix of a tiny superhero/matador/weird hippie child or something. the skirt was perfect for stomping around in/hitting people with as i danced around like a mental case. i’m a sight to see on the dfloor (and i don’t always mean that in a good way).

d-formation dropped one of his newer releases called IZAN (remixed by ben mason) about a half hour after we got there. i was super happy that he played this one (female vocals get me every time) — you have to admit it’s fun to be able to sing along on the dfloor. well..really only fun for me, because it’s annoying as fuck when other people do it. have a listen.

https://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http%3A%2F%2Fapi.soundcloud.com%2Ftracks%2F30507409 D-Formation – Izan (Ben manson remix) Release date: Dec 15 by D-FORMATION


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