fashion fetish: karlie kloss

fashion film house SHOWstudio has launched a new project called fashion fetish, a series of fashion films produced and performed entirely by women in the industry! girl powaaa! london filmmaker ruth hogben produced this steamy video, called fuck me starring my main girl, the one and only karlie kloss the series itself explores the fetishist tendencies of the fashion world. what can we say about this video? well, the fetishist side of fashion is pretty evident in every realm from the industry itself to the nature of consumer purchasing. obsession with products, with fabrics, with people and an infatuation with not only the female, but, of course, the male forms. fashion advertising makes this pretty clear.

or…we could simply say that this video is the sexed up version of american horror story mixed with soft core porn in the best way possible. kloss is pure sex.


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