music monday: burial + four tet

hi friends! please excuse my lack of posting recently, i’m super busy and important and 100% swamped with work these days! but, after this week i plan to be completely back on track!

better late than never: here is today’s music monday post! probably 2 of the best (i don’t even know what genre to put them in) down tempo electronic producers of our day (serious business), burial + four tet have teamed up once again to offer up a really phenomenal collab, dubbed nova. mc caesar, this one’s for you <3

it’s not going to come as much of a surprise, but i dig four tet and burial so very very much separately, that together, they’re pretty friggen lethal. british-born kieran hebden was once part of a band called fridge in the mid 90s before starting a solo project called four tet in 1998. he released his first album, dialogue in 99 and when he began adding elements of intelligent electronic (that’s a thing, i swear), he started a following and the rest was history. similarly, burial’s william bevan is also from england but his career began much later in 2006. things started off with a bang for burial – his first album won a spot on mixmag‘s albums of the year list!

no surprises there, these two producers have incredible sound and more presence than any commercial artists see in a lifetime. both artists have a breathy quality that is simultaneously dark and ethereal. that’s not to say that either sound is cold – in fact, the opposite. burial’s basslines are filled with distortion, while everything else has an almost woodwind quality. four tet, likewise is shadowy and driven, with synth that is pretty much unbeatable. if you’ve ever heard a music lover tell you that an artist took them on a journey, they were probably talking about burial + four tet.

these 2 have also released tracks called moth and wolf club (so phenom), as well as a triple threat collaboration with radiohead‘s thom yorke, that is an absolute must hear. so much so that i’ve included it in this post :) clicky!


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