music monday: jacques greene

back for another quick quick music monday post and this week i’m proud to feature my new obsession, montreal house producer/DJ jacques greene. at only 21, jacques greene is the kind of artist that makes me really ashamed of the nothing i’ve accomplished at 22 (only half kidding) – his is the kind of success that is clearly not taken for granted, despite his young age. after a bit of research, i quickly discovered that greene is a pretty low key dude, and by that i mean that not much is known about him, which definitely makes him all the more interesting.

greene has been a hot topic for a couple years now, when he released edits of radiohead and katy b back in 2010 (edits that are still retarded popular today). it was, however, his more recent releases, motivation and another girl (remixes of kelly rowland and ciara respectively) that he really started to blow up – at least from what i can tell. i discovered greene through my friend charlie, who mentioned motivation in her interview from a couple weeks back. i was already acquainted with the track itself but once i listened to it and dug a little deeper in the jacques greene vault…well, needless to say, i’m pretty obsessed. there’s nothing wrong with the original versions but greene’s soulful rhythms and tricky, sneaky, subtle but powerful min-house beats take these songs to the next level. he’s a weirdo mix of burial-esque sounds with sex appeal and R&B inspired vibes. next level shit. yo. these are the kinds of tracks that make it okay for you to listen to swank, super cheese R&B hits that would otherwise be too embarrassing have on your ipod.

greene, along with co-founder joe coghill, recently debuted their new record label, vase – which is as sneaky and powerful as the beats themselves. while still, not much is known about vase aside from what little there is to find out about its lay-low founder, vase showcased its second release from mystery duo arclight. vase released a new album from greene called container back in january, which features the slow, sumptuous banger flatline (another fave of mine)

keep an eye on this youngster – he is most definitely going places. it’s artists like jacques greene that make me so proud to be a part of the electronic music scene in a littlecity like montreal.


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