music monday: nguzunguzu

this is part of a new thing i’m trying out — music mondays? gonna post some new music i’m discovering or digging at the mo every monday! keep an eye out boys and girls! check check click click!

recently discovered NGUZUNGUZU (en-goo-zoo en-goo-zoo), an LA DJ duo and the core talent at DJ kingdom‘s digs, fade to mind (the american answer to UK label night slugs). made up of daniel pineda (DJ na) and asma maroof (DJ phantasma) (the former tour DJ for MIA), their music is a blend of R&B, house, cumbia, grime and tribal music with a pretty sweet bassline and some heavy-hitting percussion. this mixtape is from last year – inspired by the art of noise track of the same name. nguzu also mixed the runway music for kenzo (run by the founders of opening ceremony); the set was 15 minutes of pure funk and so incredibly unlike any other runway music i’ve ever heard. at times weird and at other laugh out loud silly (hello dolly parton samples!?), it was a super refreshing take on runway music for what was, ultimately, a really dope collection.

next week, they’re actually in montreal for a show at bluedog with slava, so i’m thinking about checkin em out!

super epic stuff so definitely clicky cilcky on soundcloud aaaand on tha twitter, yo!


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