music monday: rebecca + fiona

last week on music monday, i featured UK spoken word/dub project she is danger! i figured this week i would spotlight my new faves, swedish DJ duo rebecca & fiona. warning: this may be a bit too electro pop bubblegum infused for some, but if you like swedish electro pop gurl robyn, then you’ll love rebecca & fiona. and since i’m big big fan of both…and i call the shots around here, meet rebecca scheja and fiona fitzpatrick!

these ladies hail from stockholm (because that is where all amazingness comes from, clearly) and are currently tearing up the club scene in sweden. they’ve been in the game for a minute now and since releasing some of their bigger hits like bullets (my roomie‘s favourite tune) and luminary ones – they’ve been climbing up and up and up. they’ve opened for our girl robyn, played coachella and are currently in the midst of recording with kaskade. don’t let kaskade’s cheesemo rep precede them – these girls are all about hard electro fused with upbeat silliness and all kinds of vocal madness. it’s pretty sugary at times but all in all, they create dancefloor bangers and fast paced electronica that so speaks to me. in that kind of “i love being a girl” way. duh.

image via

rebecca & fiona are very of the moment and super up and coming. outside of the music realm, they’re definitely fashion trendsetters! the video above is for their newest single, jane doe, which features some pretty silly outfits with a lot of european and, i feel, tokyo girl inspired looks. they have very distinct style, often super weirdo which obviously i love – military hats, lace trimmed jackets, lennon sunnies, ombre hair, heavy jewelry, peter pan collars and everything in between.

keep an eye out! these girls are on their way up! xx


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