music monday: she is danger


this week’s music monday features UK dub/sub dub/spoken word/electronica duo she is danger! made up of UK producer/deep house DJ (and one of my many DJ lesbian crushes) miss maya jane coles and lena cullen. fuckn guurlll powaaa to the maximus decimus aurelius. she is danger is a weirdo kind of project that feels kind of pop-ish the first time around. then you have a second listen and realize it’s not pop at all, even though it’s got that kind of cheese feel that makes you feel a little guilty. but once you accept that, you can really hear the dub-esque, almost two-step like quality that’s hidden so nicely in the background, you’re not even really sure it’s there. and then the vocals drop – anything from an ellie goulding remix (that, for the record gets suuuuper dubby and groovy) or eurythmics cover (you’ll be singing this one all day long) but always, always deep and sweet. like gogo from kill bill sweet. you know, stab you in the genital region and then giggle as you bleed out on the floor, kinda sweet. and maybe a little 90s cheesey. so spot on.

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she is danger have been releasing tracks for what looks like a little over 2 years now (they’re pretty underground at the mo, so it’s hard to find much info). the track above is a bit sugary cheesemo for my taste and yet…it’s stuck in my head constantly and i can’t stop listening to it. definitely a project to watch, as there’s nothing i like more than 2 ladies that know how to keep it real! be sure to follow she is danger on soundcloud!


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