music monday: the civil wars

meet this week’s music monday post features the newest addition to americana folk music, nashville duo, the civil wars. i was first introduced to the civil wars when they opened for adele’s 21 tour last year. they opened, with no introduction and not even a hello, with barton hollow (for which their album is named) – and shit, that song is the kind of twangy dolly parton would be proud of. they had my attention from the get-go.


joy williams and john paul white met in a nashville song-writing camp and clicked immediately. i actually thought they were husband and wife (or at least dating) until i started doing a spot of research for this article. turns out, they’re both married – john paul has 4 kids, while joy has one on the way. what’s amazing about the civil wars is that their chemistry on stage encompasses everything that back-in-the-day country was all about. none of this pop-country bullshit but passionate, honest country music. i know half (all?) of you are squirming in your seats because you hate country music, but the civil wars style folk-country isn’t at all what you’d expect. the civil wars’ biggest strength is undeniably, their harmonizing: the kind of harmony that gives you chills. i know i say that a lot, but i mean it every time! they write smooth, sweet songs about love, but they also write foot-tapping, twang filled numbers about life, dancing, booze, running away, going home, feeling happy, feeling sad, the unknown. so country.


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the civil wars were formed in 2009; they rose to fame pretty typically – stints on the tonight show, songs featured on grey’s anatomy, etc etc. since, the duo has been showered with awards. since they also recently recorded for the hunger games soundtrack, there’s pretty much no stopping them now. in fact, even though they only scored 1 minute of screen time at the grammys, they saw the second highest spike in album sales post-air, after only soul golden girl, adele. barton hollow has sold almost 400 000 copies since its debut in february.

they’re a pretty new project, so i’m really hoping the celebrity doesn’t go to their heads. i’m serious when i say that the civil wars will change your opinion about everything to do with folk music. they’re impossible not to love.

stand out tracks: barton hollow, i’ve got this friend, poison & wine, i want you back


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