sound+: effects

on my early morning bus ride/twitter troll i came across a pretty dopeness blog (vlog?) (no. blog. i hate the word vlog) by soundcloud (which, if you know me at all, is basically my one true love aside from coffee and cigarettes). sound+ is content based outlet from soundcloud that explores the different ways that we interact, listen to and understand music. kind of like the book this is your brain on music .

more info on sound+ and effects after the jump!

so the guest blog post from sound+ is called effects and it’s by digital anthropologist (yes, that’s a real thing) and blogger laura haapio-kirk. last year soundcloud posted a similar article called why sound in which they talked to experts in the field like imogen heap and moby. effects discusses the importance of sound and how it relates to professional experience – pretty cool shit if you’re interested in a career that’s sound-based or focused. it goes in-depth into how sound and our experiences (personal, professional and otherwise) are intertwined. for someone that truly believes that music is the answer, this is 100% my kinda documentary. doc-blog? docu-blog?

watch and learn! you can also read the full post right here on soundcloud’s blog, where there are audio interviews and a bit more info on the subject. clicky clicky clicky!!


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