music monday: maya jane coles + lianne la havas

just realized at this mo that today is tuesday and so, me being me, i forgot to post yesterday’s monday! which works out well because i only just discovered it this morning :) this is a combination of two of my favourite ladies, obviously miss maya jane coles and newcomer lianne la havas.


XLR8R released this really gorgeous remix of lianne la havas’ lost and found, which may possibly be the best thing to happen to both folk/soul and deep house. and it’s surprising to me that the combination of the two hasn’t been done before (well..maybe it has, anyone know?) lianne la havas is a folk/soul singer (think corinne bailey rae meets adele with a hint of amy winehouse soul. and also joy williams. basically she’s a combo of all the best things ever). she has a playful sound that’s often contrasted by her deep, brooding voice. she plays it both sides though, with numbers that dish out just as much honest, simple, sweetness as her charming guitar melodies. her sound is like a cup of tea (listen and you’ll see what i mean). she got signed to warner brothers records back in 2010 and released her first album, lost and found with labor of love in 2011. she’s not a newbie to the industry though, la havas has been singing since she was 7 and has got the chops to prove it. she’s worked with willy mason, bon iver and paloma faith. right? check out age and don’t wake me up.

maya jane coles is a UK deep house electronic producer and DJ, and as i’ve said a couple times before, she is the kind of tiny and awesome that inspires the tiny and awesome like myself. aside from her solo act, she also has a sub dub spoken word project with lena cullen called she is danger. mjc’s music is probably familiar to you, even if you’ve never heard her before. my first time trolling her soundcloud, nearly every number was an “omg this track?!” moment – and not in a bad way! dancefloor house bangers, as well as deep house with gritty vocals and some microhouse thrown in for good measure. she gives it. and i mean gives it. listen to what they say and senseless!

so as you can imagine, the combination is completely unreal, and needless to say, this one has been on repeat all day. and probably will be for the next week. you can download the full version from XLR8R, here.


4 thoughts on “music monday: maya jane coles + lianne la havas

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