piknic electronik 2012

at 10 this morning, i sat at my computer hitting refresh on the piknic twitter account, waiting for them to start tweeting about this year’s line up. it’s only now that i realize how absurdly pathetic that sounds..and if you haven’t been to piknic, it probably sounds even more pathetic. piknic is one of my favourite things about summer in this city – it’s only been around a handful of years, but since its inception piknic has grown to be one of the biggest outdoor music events held weekly in..well, anywhere important in canada. every sunday, hundreds of people head out to parc jean drapeau to dance, drink, smoke a doob and generally bathe in summer’s awesomeness for the day – with beats provided by the big names in electronic music, as well as little known artists and local talent. there’s nothing like a sunday spent at piknic to top off your weekend: it has something for everyone, whether you’re still up from the night before or in the mood to chill out by the water. you can even bring your kids. and your dogs, which is highly encouraged by me. piknic’s mission is to unify music lovers in a positive environment, but the great part is, you can enjoy it no matter who you’re listening to. some of my best summer memories are at piknic! this is where i have met the silliest, sketchiest, best people that i know.

listen to last year’s highlight sets while you read! xx

this year’s line up is lookin’ pretty awesomesauce and i’m very stoked to introduce some of my buddies who will be tearing up the decks this summer.

but first! this year’s highlights include (but are not limited to..)tone of arc, art department and dubfire will be opening this year (may 20 + 21, respectively) – after an overwhelming (to the point that piknic has never known) turn out for dubfire, this year promises to be even bigger. other highlights include montreal dubstep legend living~stone (may 27), mutek at piknic with wolf + lamb (june 3), creator (june 10), lee burridge (june 17)…the list goes on. my one true love, jacques greene is playing july 29th with lunice, there’s also girl power duo nymra + sofisticated (july 29), and montreal’s favourite blondes, blond:ish (aug 19) alongside another very talented montrealer, groj. piknic regular misstress barbara plays sept 2, and dirty bird records will tear it up with claude von stroke and justin jones (sept 3). i could do this forever, so i will! clin d’oeil day at piknic (sept 9) sees another absolute legend and founder of the label, archipel, pheek with old favourites matteo murphy and mossa.

photo via michael lalonde 

but honestly, the best part of piknic is watching your buddies hit the decks for a well earned moment in the spotlight. this year, a huge congrats goes out to daoust (who is definitely one to watch this summer) (july 1), as well as esteban de haro (de haroooooo!) (sept 1) and milton clark (sept 30). other local talent includes moody jones and omar diouf (sept 3) and macguffin (june 24).

you can view the full line up right hurrrr.

this summer is gonna be jam packed with all kinds of silly fun, so definitely get your booty down to piknic and shake shake it. also, i totally suggest getting the piknic pass if you’re a student! go 4 times and it pays off :) and no lines! see you on the dancefloor..


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