littleLENS / vol 1 – travis towsley

welcome to the first ever edition of littleLENS, a new feature that i’m working on for littlecity, spotlighting different montreal photographers with a rose-coloured view of the city we live in! poetic, i know. with littlelens, my goal is to inspire, educate and enlighten…and to give some air time to little known artists who are super talented and deserve to be seen on a higher platform! photography is something that i pretend i’m good at and knowledgeable about, but in reality, i’m one of those people who instagrams a lot, and who only uses the toy camera setting on my camera. no flash. duh.

so volume i of littlelens is a series of photos by my good buddy (and ski bum extraordinaire) travis towsley. travis and i met through mutual love of being sarcastic and partying too hard before ski trips, which is actually where we met – we were marketing execs together back when i was a part of the concordia ski and snowboard club. the cssc is a student platform that strives to provide students with cheap, easy means to getting out on the slopes. so, as you can imagine, they spend about 90% of the time shredding and the rest of the time making fun of me. travis is one of the most down-to-earth people i know, and i can’t think of a better way to get littlelens going than with his photos from an abandoned warehouse in st henri. you can view the full shoot and read what travis had to say about his photos after the jump!

“ the photos were taken on 420. i almost didn’t go cause it was pretty shitty out but my friend talked me into coming. i just hung out, took some pictures, played banjo, and had a few beers”

“i only actually got my camera at christmas. before that i never really took photos. i got it for ski filming and photography but the rest of the crew never wanted to bring it out. school kinda took over so i’ve been waiting till summer to start really teach myself how to properly use a camera. apart from a little scene i set up with my sister over christmas this is the first time i’ve really taken my camera out and taken any real shots.”

“i just fucked around with the colours till i thought it looked cool. i had a lot of fun taking these so i’m hoping to do some more stuff like this over the summer”


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