music monday: nina kraviz

how gorgeous is it out today? am i the only one stuck at work while the rest of the world gets to play outside in the sunshine all the livelong day? le sigh.

in honour of the opening of piknic electronik opening this weekend (may 20th and 21st), i thought i would post an oldie but a goodie for all the fembots out there! this chick has been the talk of the town since the piknic line up was released a couple weeks ago: doesn’t matter what city i’m in, everyone is stoked to see nina kraviz play piknic on may 27th 2012. to top off the excitement, UNION (the roaches [carlo lio + nathan barato] vs. the junkies) dropped this track at stereo 2 weeks ago, to the uproar of the crowd (mostly me).

nina kraviz is a moscow-based tech house producer and DJ who got her start in a russian  band called myspacerocket just a couple years ago. the band had a couple hits, including “amok” which was released under UK dj greg wilson‘s label B77 in 2006. kraviz split from the group a short while later and went on to start producing tracks of her own, including self-sung vocals (badass). kraviz is a part of the redbull music academy and has released with matt edwards (rekids) and underground quality, and she doesn’t show sings of stopping.

image via nina kraviz soundcloud

kraviz has said that “there should be something wrong if a dj doesn’t dance” (#truesay) – she is (apparently) equally as bumpin behind the decks as she is on the dfloor, which is definitely important to the vibe of the performance in general. i love dancing djs. i don’t need to tell you that nina kraviz’ sound is made for booty shaking. take a listen.



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