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it’s no secret that montreal is pretty much the festival capital of canada – say what you will, but there’s no where else in this country that has the level of variety and awesomeness that montreal holds. i know you’re all sitting there, making a mental list of awesome festivals that take place in other canadian cities, but to be honest, i don’t think bradford county ontario’s carrotfest holds a candle to montreal. but this year, i think we’re gonna have some stiff competition with toronto making some waves festival-wise this summer! musically, this is some pretty groundbreaking shit for the toronto electronic music scene – having been limited to indoor parties, aside from promise cherry beach sundays, the edm vibe gets taken down a notch when the city itself isn’t entirely on your side (and lacks infrastructure to boot). this year, toronto will be home to sound in motion, an independent, not-for-profit festival dedicated to electronic music.

listen to the most recent ep of studiofeed x hushlamb free range show by sim artist billy dalessandro, while you read! xx

for more info on the event, visit the sound in motion website or facebook event page!

before i say anything else, let me just tell you…GUYS, the line up is dope dope dope. frivolous, sammy dee, dualism, billy dalessandro, demas, pheek, yes ma’am (ana+one and alicia hush), cee cee cox, pursuit grooves and so many other talented to the core biddies! for the full line up, clicky clicky.

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sound in motion, which takes place july 13th-15th, is presented by studiofeed – a toronto-based collective that believes in the power of community when it comes to making music successful. known as the voice for independent music, studiofeed’s mission is to expose locals to a raw, underground, authentic musical eco-system and help keep this eco-system alive through collaborative efforts from..well, just about everyone! and to be honest, isn’t that what music is all about? (sidenote: i highly recommend taking a listen to studiofeed x hushlamb radio show called the free range show)

when i first heard about sound in motion, it was only a couple weeks after i interviewed toronto dj/producer, alicia hush. when we talked, she mentioned some big things in the works for the toronto festival scene, referencing montreal events piknic electronik and, of course, mutek montreal. it’s events like these that montreal thrives on: giving the urban music community somewhere to gather and not only have fun, but learn and appreciate new styles and new artists that deserve to be heard. of course, the big things alicia mentioned are the sound in motion events. not only is this event based around open air sets from the best of the best in the local, national and international realms but sound in motion offers a chance to learn as well. guys, you know how much i love learning!!!

sound in motion includes a short film fest/contest, as well as a labels showcase (!), a technology showcase and (probably what i’m most excited for, weirdly enough) a panel discussion that explores art, activism and how it all plays in to the concept of social change. aside from these awesome events, you can dance your fucking face off at 3 different music events, as well as a slew of unofficial afterparties (arguably where the real silliness begins) (the after after after after party)

frivolous – a legend and one to watch at sim – image via

studiofeed’s john alexiou spearheaded the planning of this shit with hushlamb’s own, miss sarah lamb. i’m so freakin proud of these guys for putting together something that focuses on spreading awareness and strengthening the musical eco-system, which is like so totally important (not sarcasm).

here’s what john had to say: “the energy present in our ‘underground’ local scene is massive but we have seen great people leave this city based on a lack of infrastructure and support […] we want to help change that. toronto is a world-class music city and should be able to support a healthy range of independent music”

that’s for damn sure.

and of course, us montrealers absolutely have to make the trip to support our sister city in this amazing endeavor. the lovely miss zeina (of la moosh and EAZY//en espagnol) will be representing sound in motion in montreal – need tickets? she’s got em. a ride to TO? covered. accomodation? check. simply send her an email at or join the facebook event: clicky!

i know that was a ton of info but here’s all you need to remember..

sound in motion
dance time
july 13th – 15th
montreal tickets from zeina
everywhere else tickets from


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