mutek 2012

mutek 2012 performer dave aju is a minimal tech and house dj who uses samples from his jazz-musician-father’s old recordings! take a listen!

guys, the craziest thing happened to me! for years, my mom has been making me buy her lottery tickets and enter various contests for her because, apparently, i am good luck. when i was little, i would always win contests (i don’t really remember winning much, except this one time that i won a much music dance mix ’95 CASETTE TAPE when i was like six. everyone freaked out, but i didn’t even have a tape player so it wasn’t very exciting for me) turns out, i AM lucky because, on a whim, i entered a last minute contest to win a pass to mutek montreal, courtesy of little white earbuds. LWE is a super awesome media site that provides info on events and products related to the underground dance music scene (this is totally unbiased, because they actually are awesome, i’m not just saying that because i won free shit from them)…LWE does features, reviews, podcasts, all that good stuff. the point is that i won (I WON) a passport to mutek this week and weekend, and i could not be more stoked.

mutek is a not-for-profit organized festival, that began in 2000 and focuses on the development of digital creativity and spreading awareness and knowledge about electronic music specifically. it’s pretty fringe, for a music fest, which is definitely what makes it so awesome. not only does mutek feature, of course, live music events, there is also some really cool shit happening in tandem with the festival, including panel discussions and music labs! mutek started on wednesday may 30 and runs until this sunday june 3, where mutek @ piknic will top off the weekend. some events are free, some events cost money but it’s definitely an event worth investing in, because it’s a great way to discover new music. mutek has also developed some pretty crazy shit in order to reach a wider audience, including a partnership with cbc online radio show called bande-a-part, which streams mutek live online (this event was yesterday so unfortunately, all you suckers missed out) (but it meant i could still be at mutek while i was at work)! there’s also a bizarre partnership with STM, called audiosphere, where you can download the app and listen to different DJs depending on what bus you’re one. crazy right?

i am super stoked to be attending this year’s mutek and covering the event on behalf of a media website where i have recently been named a contributor (yay!), called myETVmedia. you’ll be able to read my review sometime next week, as well as my review of the opener of piknic electronik! myETVmedia is a toronto-based website that strives to educate readers across all realms: fashion, music, film, TV and yes, even video games! i am very happy and excited to be a part of the myETVmedia team, so check back here for updates on reviews and features that i’ll be writing all summer!

mutek will feature a ton of awesome artists including alicia hush, dave aju, jeff mills, mathew jonson, dkmd, wolf + lamb and so much more, at different venues around the city. stay updated to make sure you don’t miss out!

see you on the dancefloor xxxx


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