music monday: birdy

so if you’re wondering why there’s been a lack of music monday posts, it’s because i’ve been feeling pretty uninspired lately in terms of music. yesterday’s underwhelming piknic being a pretty decent representation of that. and it’s not just electronic music – aside from my new love, lianne la havas, i haven’t found many new artists that i don’t want to punch in the face 1 minute into their music video. then this morning i was poking around youtube and i came across this gem, birdy.

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guys, her name is birdy. obviously she’s going to be awesome. on the real, birdy is a british singer whose real name is jasmine van den bogaerde (pinky up!) who released her first self-titled album late last year. i’ll be honest though, i’m not entirely familiar with her music, purely because she has released a ton of amazing covers that for some reason interest me way more than her original stuff. though, according to youtube commenters (who are clearly the most knowledgeable people ever) (did i tell you about this time i was reading the comments for little dragon’s twice and someone commented “why is toucan sam giving that girl a first aid kit?”) (watch the video) …her original stuff is, apparently, amazing. too bad i’m already hooked on these covers!

birdy is only 16, which makes me hate her a little bit and also kind of the reason why i don’t want to investigate into her original music. what the hell does a 16 year old know? i know i knew pretty much zip at 16. it’s like justin bieber singing about having sex (which he does, doesn’t he?) come on dude. you don’t have a penis.

i will say, though that this chicky has a really incredible voice for being only 16 – it’s somewhat fragile and eerily haunting, it reminds me a bit of kate bush on a good day. you can check check her cover of the national’s terrible love and another beautiful cover of bon iver’s skinny love – both are amazing and really moving. but i think the above version of the xx‘s shelter is my favourite so far. she’s gotten a lot of criticism for being just another cover girl – which, i mean, is pretty justified, but at the same time…i don’t know, i approve because music is cyclical, just like fashion, right?

aside from that, she has some really gorgeous music videos that are often quite dark and bizarre, in that just slightly pretentious way. i so dig that.

i’m very intrigued to see how her career plays out, and hopefully she doesn’t lose her bizarre, trembly, indie voice to pop bubblegum any time soon!!


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