music monday: bon iver

well hello! hope you all had a great weekend! not feeling entirely inspired today but i thought i would write a quick music monday post with the song i have on repeat today.

of course, you all know this one because everyone jumped on the bon iver bandwagon months, if not years ago. i kind of refused to like them for a while (like that damn gotye track that everyone continues to post on facebook like we haven’t all heard it before) just because they were so popular, but alas, through last week’s music monday, i gave bon iver
‘s skinny love a listen, just to compare and i pretty much fell in love. there’s something very honest about justin vernon’s voice (not gonna lie, definitely though bon iver was a person until i did my research), and the guitar in this track is at once soothing and heartbreaking.

anyway, i won’t say a lot more because i think this one speaks for itself. from the aptly titled album, “for emma, forever ago“, skinny love reflects a lot for me, especially today.

to anyone else feeling the same way today…don’t give up.


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