music monday: MJC x florence + the machine

GUYS the best thing ever just happened. a real way. the best thing. so you all know about my girl crush on maya jane coles, right? well, my other girl crush (among many) miss florence welch just released an EP featuring remixes of her track, spectrum (say my name) (P.S: wow have you seen the music vid for it? so much sparkle. and tutus.). and guess who’s on the EP? yeah, i know. best thing ever.

image via tvtropes

i love when mondays start off with amazing music. anyway, i get the sense that the version i’m posting is a rip from the radio…but i haven’t bought the EP yet so i’m not in a position to post it. but you get the idea. the EP also features remixes from big names in dance music like calvin harris and flavio zarza.

deep house combined with flo’s seriously unmatchable vocals. there is only right when it comes to flo. hailing from camberwell, london, florence got her start making music with her friend isabella – they called each other florence robot and isa machine. guys. ROBOT. she is actually my dream woman. we are SOUL MATES. that’s where the + the machine bit comes from (in case you are slow and didn’t catch on)

the story goes that florence followed mairead nash into the bathroom while drunk at a bar and sang “something’s got a hold on me” by etta james. BEST. anyway, the rest is history right, sort of. she started off recording with a couple other bands until finally finding her “machine” in 2008 and releasing lungs in 2009 to critical acclaim. i kid you not, i played lungs on repeat with the girls at the restaurant i worked at last year, for the entire summer. next, florence released her newest album, ceremonials in 2011 – bigger and better than lungs, ceremonials has a very big, passionate sound, that calls to mind cathedrals and gospel voices in the best possible way. there is no doubt that florence + the machine is my number 2 favourite musical act (after adele, obviously) and lucky me, the band will be playing at this year’s osheaga in montreal. so, thoughts on the remix?



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