mutek 2012 review: myETVmedia

so, by now you guys know that i’ve started an exciting new job as a contributor for myETVmedia, a media website based out of toronto. i covered MUTEK Montreal 2012 for myETVmedia just the other week and you should all swing on over to have a look HERE.

image via MUTEK flickr – p.s: there’s me stompin around!

here’s a sneak peek at my review with a quote from miss alicia hush:

“Playing at MUTEK was my first festival experience and it was a great honour to share a bill with such awesome talent. I’m still smiling over it all. I feel happy about the outcome of my set and the response from the crowd was overwhelming. I would have been happy with 20 dancing people that day, so the number of bodies was incredible. I was trying very hard to keep in my tears of joy at the end” 

if you missed out on MUTEK or MUTEK at piknic, be sure to clicky clicky to get the scoop!



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