music monday: phaeleh

yes, i’m aware it’s not monday.

but for those of you who don’t live on planet quebec, monday was a holiday for us (in honour of st jean baptiste) (or something) so i was busy all day monday, you know, lazing around my house, watching reruns of friends and basically being unproductive. aaaaand i pretty much have no excuse for why i didn’t post yesterday. i was going to go with “busy with work and extra curricular activities” but anyone who knows me would immediately know i’m lying.

that being said, here is today’s wednesday music monday (?) featuring a really unique artist called phaeleh. i was introduced to phaeleh by a friend of mine – a kid i knew in high school and who i had long kept in touch with since (one of the few non-evil people from my old neighbourhood). he was the first jungler to ever exist in my world and i owe at least some of my interest in electronic music to him. in late december of 2011, he and i had a long talk about music, and as usual, he introduced me to more “pretty” dubstep, since i’m not so much a fan of anything super hardcore. anyway, such is how i fell in love with phaeleh (which, i’ve just learned, is actually pronounced “fella”) (disappointing, i liked “fay-lay” better in my mind)

phaeleh is a british down tempo dub producer that sounds a bit like if massive attack, burial and mount kimbie had a crazy drunken night together and somehow created a musical baby. generally speaking, he falls under that elusive and weird “intelligent dance music” category – the kind of dub that makes you think, not wobble. his debut album, fallen light was released in 2010 to mixed reviews since, of course, this kind of dance music isn’t for everyone. slow, ambient, drum-filled and bassy, while being vocally almost tragic in a weird way. the above track is not from fallen light, but was an august 2011 release on afterglo records – this is the track that my friend introduced me to. when my friend passed away just 2 short weeks later, i had the song on repeat and i thought it would make him smile to share it with you all!

that said, phaeleh is constantly releasing a stream of new music on his soundcloud – definitely check it out!


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