LC002 / daoust

it’s my sincerest pleasure to introduce this week’s speaker session, featuring the one and only daoust, aka dominic chagnon-daoust! dom is a minimal tech DJ and a native to the fine city of montreal! i met dom through, of course, a mutual love of booty shaking and speaking french. of late, dom is one of the biggest up and comers in the montreal underground scene and it’s not hard to see why. his music is grounded, with dark, directional basslines, choc-full of percussion and groove, and perfectly in tune with the hunger for bigger and better that defines daoust himself.

daoust got his start listening to hardcore, dnb and trip-hop and has since moved on (like most) to the kind of music that has become synonymous with montreal electronic music: minimal techno. daoust’s passion for minimal developed naturally (with a little help from nikov) and it’s obvious that minimal is what he’s meant to play. with gigs at montreal’s daome, circus afterhours, and recently, toronto’s comfort zone, there seems to be no stopping daoust.

alongside montreal’s hooll (formerly fancyfhreek), daoust makes up one half of the monthly minimal tech event mini-malice (and you know how i dig all things mini), held at bar passeport on st-denis that strives to build a solid foundation for all genres of minimal style in montreal – this month’s mini-malice will feature both daoust and hooll, as well as toronto’s jackie spade (it’s TONIGHT so get your asses on the dancefloor!!!)

we’re always so stoked to see success from part of our crew, and i could not be happier for dom, who will be playing this year’s piknic electronik on july 1st, scene guru, at 3 pm alongside germany’s giuseppe marchegiano aka hubble. you don’t wanna miss it!


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