late music monday: the noisettes

has it really been a whole week since i posted last? i am so irresponsible. but i have prepared a slew of excuses for you, including i was moving, i got attacked by an insect and i had other… know..going on. whatever. i promise to update more once i get settled into my new spot. i live alone now, so it means i have less friends than usual so really, littlecity will be my only source of entertainment moving forward. but actually this week has been full of exciting crap and you can expect very big things very very soon!

so, i know i can’t call this a music monday post because’s friday. but i so totes love sharing music with all your faces and this one is a gem. the noisettes (if you’re a montrealer, resist the urge to pronounce it like “hazelnut”) are an indie rock band from london (which, it seems, is where all awesomeness comes from) aaaand they are pretty much the shit and a half, i’m telling you. i discovered them through my best friend, because their hit “never forget you” is pretty much our life story as friends. composed of shingai shoniwa (vocals, bass) and dan smith (guitar), the noisettes first appeared on the scene in 2003, but their first album, what’s the time mr. wolf was released in 2007. since, their second album, wild young hearts (great fuckn name!) came out in 2009 to huge success for their songs “don’t give up the rhythm” and of course, “never forget you”. shingai’s voice is like upbeat CBR with a hint of regina spektor – quirky, fun yet soulful and gritty when it needs to be. the above track is a cover of the killers’ when you were young, as it’s being recorded live in the studio! super cool shit so checky check!

i swear, you’ll hear from me again very soon. come back soon, ya hear?


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