sound in motion mixtape

the weekend is fast fast fast approaching and i’m so stoked because i have been waiting for this weekend for MONTHS. MONTHS! it is sound in motion time in toronto – marking toronto’s second outdoor music festival this year and pretty much ever, because for some reason toronto is totally behind the times. don’t they know open air events are pretty much the backbone for life’s awesomeness?

this is a really cool mixtape from joncoe that squeezes in a track or two from every artist performing at this year’s sound in motion festival, presented by studiofeed. i’m so excited, i can’t even talk about it. you can READ MORE about sound in motion right this way!!

also, i know i totally said i would update more, but in my defense, my apartment has no internet. and my oven broke last night so clearly i was busy throwing a tantrum about that to write anything. an actual tantrum. then i cried and watched game of thrones.



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