stringcam collective

stringcam collective is a photography project i’ve been working on with my friend steve diabo  – it all started one afternoon when steve decided to hang a few knick-knacks (inculding a disposable camera) from the tree outside his apartment in the plateau of montreal. when steve got the photos developed and posted them on facebook, it dawned on both of us that it was completely necessary to take this idea and run with it. you can view those images here!

stringcam’s mission is to capture unique moments from around the city, creating a collective community through photos – and the concept is pretty simple. here’s how it works: stringcams are hung on a red string at various locations around montreal, could be a party, could be an event, could be just a busy corner in an interesting neighbourhood. passerbys are invited to snap a photo and leave the camera for others to do the same. every camera is numbered so you can find it again later on our website at

stringcam photos get posted a couple days later on our website and facebook page, so be sure to check back, tag yourself and your friends and don’t forget to spread the word! look out for the red string – we could be in your neigbourhood next!

the first set of photos from stringcam are from the sugar beach event at sound in motion, toronto! clickyy to check em out!

we’re also working on a twitter account so you can locate stringcams in your area! stay tuned!


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