brandt brauer frick ensemble

i’m aware that it’s not monday but i couldn’t resist sharing this funky little band with you guys. i’m one of those people that really loves when artists do unexpected things with classical music – strings woven over heavy bass, synthed up trumpets, woodwinds and a hip hop beat, gimme gimme gimme. so i was overjoyed when my boss sent me an article from W this morning about brandt brauer frick ensemble, a german band that makes TECHNO from classical instruments. right?!

after humble beginnings as an experimental jazz duo (note to self, youtube experimental jazz?), daniel bradnt and jan bauer have been making music together since college. the duo grew to include paul frick and in 2008 the group made their debut! their instrumental range includes everything from your typical violins, horns, keys, drums to harps, rainsticks and (never thought i would be able to use this correctly in a sentence) glockenspiels. yes, people, glockenspiels. they have dubbed their sound classical techno or acoustic techno. dope right?

since, the group which looks to include almost a dozen members, has played coachella (among other less awesome shows that i had never heard of) and released one album, with another on the way. you make me real was their first, with miami coming out in early 2013. guys. a fucking glockenspiel.

image via weirdestbandintheworld

okay so, i had to dig a little to find these guys, because the track posted in the W article was actually kind of shit and not really techno to be honest, but after some werk, i discovered a brilliant remix of an alex smoke and mathias schaffhauser track called “lost in the pile”, (the original is a fusion of the schaffhauser/smoke track, “lost in the pile” and an oldies jam called “well (baby please don’t go)”). after a little more digging, i was able to track down a soundcloud version so that no purchase is necessary to enjoy this tune! an unexpected banger, you can clearly hear the classical instruments as they effortlessly blend with subtleties leftover from the original mix (but, honestly, i have no idea, maybe they completely reworked it? what do you guys think?)

too much awesome to handle. especially after that women’s badminton match this afternoon, am i right? 100% serious. happy weekend guys, and check back for updates on this weekend’s osheaga festival in montreal! will i be seeing you on the dancefloor?


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