music monday: hot chip x four tet

happy monday everyone! it’s been a hot minute so i felt like a music monday was in order! i had such an amazing brilliant wonderful sunshiney happy silly dancey weekend at osheaga here in montreal and i’m sure for those of you that braved all 3 days in the blazing sun and pouring rain like i did…monday is not the happiest of times for you right now.

trust me. i’m right there with you. zombie mode doesn’t even begin to cover it. well worth it though! check back in a couple days for complete coverage of osheaga!

this week’s music monday is another collab project between two of my favourite artists: longtime littlecity love four tet, and new band crush hot chip. you all know four tet pretty well by now (if you’ve been paying attention), but hot chip (who i recently discovered through my friend arthurscott) is a synth pop band from the UK (who kind of remind me of the boy version of austra a little bit??). they’ve been around a while actually, a little over a decade with their rise to fame happening around 2003-4 with their debut album coming on strong. after a couple releases with kitsune (of maison kitsune fame) their fifth and most recent album, in our heads (2012) marks their first release with UK label, domino – led by their singles flutes, night & day, and of course, the above track, look at where we are now.

image via hot chip official site

my brain is pretty much a pile of goo in my head right now so i really can’t tell you anything else about this track except that it’s awesome, atmospheric but still strong with buzzy vocals. you can also watch the official music video and catch the behind the scenes video as well!

happy monday :)


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