LC003 / e.steria

the latest littlecity speaker session podcast comes from toronto’s DJ e.steria, and is a welcome dose of tech housey goodness. aside from being one of my closest friends, e.steria is hands down the most determined, dedicated and passionate individual in my life – and that can’t stop won’t stop attitude translates effortlessly into her music.

a montreal girl at heart, e.steria’s debut was at salon pearl just two short years ago and since, she’s taken the EDM world by storm. after conquering montreal with her unique combination of locally influenced beats, internationally inspired sounds and unmatchable energy, e.steria packed up and headed to toronto, where she plays regularly at deep kiss tuesdays at tota lounge, as well as various venues across the city. her sound is distinct: part deep, part minimal, part tech house, she’s known for her sneaky infusion of jazzy samples and grungy, eclectic allure. her mix for littlecity is fresh, crisp tech house – undeniably femme in all its sultry glory, keeping the vibe up with eccentric, quirky vocals.

you may also know e.steria from the live online radio show rebel mix – a weekly broadcast based out of montreal and toronto, rebel mix is hosted by e.steria alongside montreal’s steve d, and has been home to past speaker session DJs rene benoit and daoust, as well as local heroes jackie spade, ohm hourani, nolan brown, groj and headnodders, and international names like brooklyn’s mike terra. you can listen to the full archive of rebel mix shows on mixcloud.

you can catch e.steria next saturday august 18th on rebel mix live on, as well as at deeply distilled at the stirling room in toronto, alongside DJ noble. to stay up to date on e.steria’s gigs, be sure to follow her on twitter and like her on facebook! you can also find out more about e.steria on her RA page!


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