miss me: montreal graffiti artist

as many of you know (if you follow me on twitter or instagram) (also..if you don’t, you should), i attended this year’s under pressure international graffiti festival over the weekend. needless to say, it was a pretty crazy couple days that included me feeling out of place at hip hop shows, trying to join in freestyle rap battles by reciting lines from eminem’s lose yourself, and just genuinely being a loser while the cool kids did tricks on their skateboards and transformed walls into works of art.

you can check my review of under pressure at myetvmedia, for which i covered the event, later this week! i’ll post the link when it all comes together.

easily my favourite artist of the weekend was a pretty badass chick called miss me. i found her straddling a scaffolding in one of the many alleyways that made up the festival, sporting huge amazing earrings (loved her already), pretty much splattered with paint, singing along to whatever 80s hit was playing from a nearby boombox. i would include a photo – but i kind of have an understanding of the mystery of her persona and i don’t want to spoil it. i will say, though, that her work was like no other – not your typical street art, it was mostly ink on paper on wall (what is the technical term for this?!) (like i said…loser) with so much detail that i pretty much spent a solid couple minutes just staring with my mouth half open unattractively. her work was super stylized with all these really surreal, hilarious details (unicorn boobs) (seriously). so my steez (which, as i’ve learned from a year in the CSSC, means style) (right?)

image via miss me official site

after some snoopsnoop i was able to find her official site, as well as another site called dessert for breakfast that she runs along with a group of similar ladies. it’s a pretty awesome blog about sex and feminism. which may sound really obnoxious but trust me. it’s not.

image via miss me official site

i’ve requested an interview with her so hopefully i hear back! fingers crossed! keep your eyes peeled for this werk on the streets, montrealers!


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