stringcam: mini-malice

by now you guys are all (hopefully) aware of a new photography project that my friend steve d and i are working on called STRINGCAM COLLECTIVE. the concept behind stringcam is pretty simple: steve and i hang disposable cameras on red strings at different events and venues around the city of montreal. everyone is invited to take a photo with the stringcam and leave it hanging for someone else to enjoy. you can then go online and clicky clicky our facebook page to see the photos! our goal is create a collective community through photography that captures life’s little moments around montreal. you can read the stringcam story right this way!


our second album has just gone live! the event we attended was our good buddy daoust‘s birthday bash at bar passeport on st denis, for a monthly event called mini-malice. daoust played a killer set alongside local DJ and co-founder of mini-malice, hooll, as well as newcomer marc leveq. representing the best in underground minimal tech, mini-malice happens one thursday a month at bar passeport!

i think we’ve learned our lesson though – the dark dancefloor didn’t make for the best quality photos. you can view the full set over at aka our facebook page! be sure to give us a like to stay up to date with stringcam locations and albums.


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