3.1 phillip lim: kill the night

STOP EVERYTHING. put down what you’re doing because the actual best thing to ever happen to literature and fashion is happening right fucking meow.

phillip lim wrote a comic book and it’s being released this september.

now pick your jaw up off the floor and peep the teaser images for the campaign (that runs in line with american fashion’s night out). then pick your jaw up off the floor again because they are amazing.

image via BOF tumblr

image via BOF tumblr

i love phillip lim – he’s quickly becoming one of my favourite designers. the cambodian-born new york-based designer has been the co-founder of his eponymous label, 3.1 phillip lim, since 2005, alongside his business partner and the ceo of 3.1, wen zhou. the label began when the pair was 31 (hence, 3.1) and in only seven years in the industry, 3.1 phillip lim has become one of the core players in the game. a perfect balance of classic chic, street chic and buzzy, inherent cleverness, the phillip lim label speakers wonders while remaining relatively silent in terms of actual presence. editorials and campaigns are nowhere near as widespread as those of mcqueen or givenchy, and lim’s name is rarely found in the headlines (a la wang) or trending on twitter, but his artistic vision really needs no explanation and no pre-cursor. it’s right there, whether subtly or kicking you in the face, it pushes all the right buttons.

you are probably sitting there wondering to yourself what the fuck any of this has to do with comic books. and oh, i will tell you. never fear. lim’s fall 12 rtw (one of my favourite collections this season) took inspiration from, clearly, comic books. but there was nary a superhero cape or american apparel forehead band in sight – lim subverts the comic book concept with bright block letter graphics and prints, alongside disjointed motifs borrowed from american pop artist roy lichtenstein. neo-noir meets high fashion. the entire collection remains astutely lim, though, with his signature trompe l’oeil detailing and femme meets masculine silhouettes. the comic book, entitled kill the night (just gets more awesome the more i talk about it) is set to release september 6th and features a bunch of neo-noir inspired babes running around fighting crime (i hope) and generally just kicking ass in head-to-toe lim designs. including that houndstooth dress that i’ve had my eye on for weeks. inspired by comic book legends v for vendetta and sin city, the book promises to be dark and twisty, and according to FNO‘s website, “black and white cartoon characters dressed in phillip lim slay each other in the name of fashion”. TOO MUCH.

image via BOF tumblr

also, can we please talk about the fact that he co-wrote the book (with graphic novelist john ostrander)?! illustrations came courtesy of star wars artist jan duursema, making this probably the most badass project ever.

since the comic book is only available in the US, which lovely american person wants to let me have the book delivered to their house and then ship it to me? i’ll pay you in jellybeans.

sign up here to get your copy!


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