under pressure 2012: review

last weekend i attended the 17th annual under pressure festival, which, for those of you non-montrealers, is an international graffiti convention held in the downtown area! under pressure is a mix of hip-hop/rap, skateboarding, street art/graffiti, MCing and bboying, all crammed into about a six block radius. scaffolding is set up all along the sides and backs of buildings, so you can perch on the curb and watch the artists at work, or catch one of the many music performances at the main stage. under pressure is super laidback, and a really awesome place to just go hang out for a couple hours while drinking beers hidden in your purse. i reviewed the event for myetvmedia, and you can read all my beautiful thoughts right here! more pics after the jump!

i was lucky enough to discover an amazing female artist called miss me, who you can read more about right here, as well as a toronto MC/bboy named qrock, both of whom are mentioned in my review! myetvmedia is a toronto based website that i’m a guest contributor for – spotlighting music, fashion, film and art, myetvmedia is centered around educating and entertaining its readers through photography, video, event coverage and feature articles. so, go checky check my review and let me know what you think!

the photos you see here are some of my favourite shots from under pressure!

p.s: i got street style photographed by the cult mtl, and wow, it was so awkward. i have a new respect for this trend. it was cool though, despite the fact that my fucking bra was showing and the photographer was like oh yeah gurl, you look fantastic. like..thanks, now everyone will know how trashy i am. find out for yourself, here.


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