august photo diary

this is a little something new i want to try, mostly because i love taking photos and i feel like they need a home on littlecity. since apparently, according to the angry wordpress beginner tweeter, you can’t install plugins on (sadface) (also, what’s a plugin) so i can’t link my instagram to littlecity. which, as you may or may not know, is my fucking DREAM, guys.

okay so now that august is slowly but surely coming to a close, here are a few lovely memories courtesy of my instagram (which you should follow, if you don’t already) from this past month. looking back, it really looks like i didn’t do much, but i assure you, i do have a life.

the gay village in montreal becomes a pedestrian only zone during the summer, and every year, the decorations hanging above the street change! we’ve seen everything from laundry (?) to paper roses hanging over the street, but last year’s russian balls were such a big hit, they were brought back this summer for round two. so lovely, and one of my favourite things about the village in the summer!

more pics after the jump!

early saturday morning bike rides from my house in verdun to the bird sanctuary over in lasalle are really wonderful for exercizing off the bag of chips i probably ate on friday night. this particular shot was taken close to the rapids down by the river!

so far, this paper on wall/painted piece by local street art bandit, stikki peaches, is one of my favourite graffs in the city. it’s also part of his latest project “what if art ruled the world” – and luckily, lots of those pieces can be found around where i work. this one i found in the plateau near mont royal.

every summer i go to a musical by myself! it sounds lame…actually, it is pretty lame but it’s one of the highlights of my summer. i’m one of those terrifying musical theatre freaks. i’ve seen probably 25 odd musicals in my life – last year was the lion king and the year before was les mis (in french, and my second time seeing the musical) (i cried both times). this summer i had the wonderful opportunity to see WICKED at place des arts. definitely a highlight – christine dwyer knocked it the fuck out, and while jeanna dewall was no kristin chenoweth…she was fantastic too. (see? told you. freak)

one of the best parts about working in the fashion industry is that we order all the best glossies and books so i spend half my day reading them, for free. these ones are the hunger, V and LOVE.

i’m sure you’re all well aware now that chanel has released a new fragrance (which, in itself is actually pretty rare for chanel in comparison to other houses) deemed COCO NOIR (by the house itself) and “the little black fragrance” (by the rest of the industry in tandem with chanel’s mega hit doc the making of the little black jacket, and obv, coco chanel’s famous little black dress). this fragrance is basically me in a bottle. i got the sample from a generous coworker and am currently saving up to buy the real thing. that good.

and lastly, you all know that i headed down to under pressure a couple weeks ago. even though i was alone it was a really great event and i was so glad to be a part of it! you can read my review here and see more pics here.


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