LC005 / zeina

photo by darina velkova

this week’s speaker session podcast is from montreal’s own queen of dark minimal, zeina. a cairo native, zeina has been part of the montreal underground for a couple years now, steadily developing her sound and unique presence behind the decks. zeina vibes smooth and understated – a welcome change to typical electronic music, her sound is the very definition of deep, dark, minimal. click below for a listen!

[this session has been archived. for a downloadable version, get in touch here]

despite humble beginnings, zeina is now one of montreal’s top promoters, with a hand in everything from intimate, underground house parties to larger scale club events – not only is she pushing boundaries in montreal, zeina is part of toronto’s hushlamb crew, both as a promoter and as a signed DJ and producer.

photo by darina velkova

zeina’s full, expressive allure as a solo artist reveals itself subtly and slowly through winding basslines and the sensual aesthetic of her mixing. that charm carries over to her other projects, which include a duo with alicia hush as la moosh, toronto’s zaid edghaim (at this year’s sound in motion) and montreal’s esteban de haro as EAZY (with the montreal-based en espagnol crew). despite putting EAZY on hold for this season, alicia and zeina’s ensemble project marches (dances?) forward with several releases (including the amazing inside joke, released on musik kollektiv not too long ago). la moosh is exactly what you would expect from such musical powerhouses: astutely femme, undeniably smooth and, of course, a bit of quirk sprinkled in there on occasion.

zeina’s mix for littlecity is all dark everything – just the way we likes it over here!

“subtle, stripped down minimal with a rise in intensity – weaving sounds together into a story.”

when i caught up with zeina to chat about her mix, we ended up in a lively discussion about technical talent vs. creative talent. we settled on the fact that, while DJing is a fine balance between both, it’s absolutely essential to be able to offer something more with your music than just mix tracks into tracks. “weaving sounds together into a story” couldn’t be a more perfect way to describe such a phenomenon – the journey (and the creation of that journey) is definitely the most important part.

photo by darina velkova

if you fancy more zeina, you can like her fan page on facebook to stay up to date with her upcoming gigs, or find her on soundcloud right here!

be sure to keep an eye out for her next upcoming release on musik kollektiv, a remix for german producer, florist. you can also catch zeina at early birds, late comers at espace griffintown in montreal, alongside germany’s yappac and ostrich, founder of montreal’s 13 percent.

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