music monday: karin park

image via clashmusic

thinking i should probably rename these features because i honestly can’t remember the last time i actually posted on a monday. sigh. but today feels enough like a fuckin monday that i figured it was probably okay.

i discovered karin park through a series of bizarre happenings on twitter (because apparently that’s where all the things happen in my life?) – in response to a tweet about maya jane coles‘ new solo project called nocturnal sunshine (pretty cool dub electronica reminiscent of stripped down portishead gone pop), someone tweeted back with MJC’s remix of a karin park track called thousand loaded guns. it was good – definitely had some deep house elements tucked away in its nooks and crannies but altogether, had a very atmospheric, space music vibe, which was cool. i started investigating and came across the above gem which…i mean, first of all the music video is probably the best thing to ever happen in the world (despite giving me real nightmares about finding shit in the walls of my apartment).

image via @karinpark

karin park’s new album, highwire poetry (great name) released this year, and is steadily growing in popularity – park has been around since 2003 but has remained somewhat under the veil. also, she’s swedish. just saying. her vocals have the same strange, dreamy, buzzy quality as fever ray’s karin dreijer andersson but her sound runs a bit more bjork-ish-ly. you can buy the rest of the album on itunes, or find karin park on soundcloud. and twitter! but don’t get your hopes up, i’ve already obnoxiously tweeted at her with no response. celebrities hate me (i’m lookin at you, russell crowe!) happy fake monday!


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