pop montreal preview: purity ring

hi friends!

it’s been ages, i know but this week has been super hectic crazy insane with the launch of a refreshed version of the SSENSE homepage (for those of you keeping track, this is what i’ve been working on since january) – the past little while has been non stop at work but i promise i have lots of goodies to share very, very soon (hint: i chatted with a certain insanely talented canadian female skier at iF3 – so stay tuned)

this weekend is POP montreal! so much goodness up ahead! i’m happy to announce that i will be covering this weekend’s events for myETVmedia, so check back next week for updates on austra (tonight), motel raphael (tomorrow night at petit campus) and purity ring (sunday at cabaret tulipe) (sidenote..cabaret tulipe. please be a cuter name) even though i just saw austra at osheaga, i’m really stoked for their show, hopefully it’s not too packed. purity ring is actually a new discovery of mine, they are an electronic band from montreal, so it should be really dope to see them live in their hometown. i came across a youtube vid of their entire album, shrines, so you can listen to it while you work (like i’ve been doing all week)

if you’re in montreal this weekend, i can without a doubt tell you that you will fall in love with motel raphael. please please head down to petit campus on saturday sept 22 at 8:30 pm to catch their show and support independent music in montreal! you can also catch my interview with the band right this way!

bon weekend!


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