LC006 / nolan brown

exploring a fresh new sound for her speaker sessions mix, aptly titled something else, nolan brown builds on an intricate combination of thought-provoking post-dubstep and hip-hop, infused with a quixotic, ambient sensibility that is somehow an effortless translation of her previous, deep and min tech work.

“this set is really a passion project for me. my interest in the post-dub genre began about two years ago with my discovery of james blake’s’the bells sketch EP’. since then, these sort of ambient dub grooves,especially those with a hip-hop influence, have monopolized most of my musical attention off the dancefloor.”

photo by nania sergi

nolan is a little city regular (you can read our interview from way back right here) and my go-to aficionado for music – we share a strong mutual love of the likes of jacques greene, the xx, james blake and ifan dafydd (all of which are, to my happiness, present in her mix), but the best thing about nolan is her unpredictability, something that always shines through in her music. while her prior mixes contained quirky elements and silly vocals, her speaker session weaves in unlikely pairings of lana del rey, the weeknd and cyril hahn through ambient landscapes and precise moments of dreamy dubstep. the hip-hop vibe folds in and out, encouraged by sexy vocals that are a distinct distillation of all that comes to mind when i think about nolan’s music. sex on the dancefloor.

“i‘ve always dreamt of creating a set like this one and finally found the time to teach myself mixing in a totally new genre. i have such a respect for the producers of this genre. with their music, they’ve managed to create a vibe that is packed with emotion, but also remains silky smooth. the deep textures give the musical soul something to float on, while complex rhythmic patterns massage the musical brain.”

photo by nania sergi

in many ways, this set is a love letter to the genre i love so much and the people who have helped me discover it. recording it has only shown me how much more i have to learn – though, i can’t think of anything more exciting than devoting time and energy to something that you’re truly passionate about. i’m so grateful to little city for being a part of this new adventure with me and, with that, i offer you something else.”

click here to see the full tracklist.
find nolan brown on soundcloud


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