music monday: ifan dafydd

photo via abeano

happy monday ninjas! i’ve chosen to be bright and shiny today despite the fact that it is pissing rain here in montreal, and i spilled half my coffee running to catch the metro which i subsequently missed. it’s been one of those days where i want to stab everyone in the eye with a pen when they talk/move/breathe/exist. but, while exploring the “next soundcloud” (which, on some levels is more awesome and on others is slightly socially retarded) i stumbled upon some ifan dafydd tracks that i had never heard before and it pretty much made it worthwhile to get up this morning – bonus points for the tie in to this weekend’s speaker session from nolan brown.

even though nothing will ever be better than ifan dafydd’s no good (which i introduced a couple months back when little city was still on tumblr in relation to jpg’s amy winehouse tribute), this new one is all kinds of sultry jamminess with sexed up vocals from miss lianne la havas (a remix that without a doubt beats out my former favourite edit from maya jane coles). ifan dafydd is post-dubstep in all its smooth but off-beat glory. rumors circulated that he was james blake in disguise (later, it was revealed that they were former roommates), but dafydd has a distinct sensuality to his music that plays back and forth with R&B subtleties – especially when it comes to those fragmented vocals.

photo via ifan dafydd fan page

i’ve been on a bit of a binge lately, you know how that goes, right? it’s been non stop ifan dafydd. you can find him via london’s push & run label on soundcloud, or listen to his sonic router podcast (which i HIGHLY recommend on a rainy day like today) this way.


2 thoughts on “music monday: ifan dafydd

  1. Have you thought to include more pictures and video
    clips? I feel it could possibly liven the content up
    a little more. Not saying it’s poor, but I’m a visual kind of guy.
    No big deal, simply a suggestion.

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