read: grace coddington’s memoir excerpts

it’s friday, les ninjas! and what a better way to start your weekend (despite some shit fuckn rain happening over in this little city) than a hilarious, insightful read courtesy of the queen herself, grace coddington.

a highly anticipated, very long awaited release from coddington, her memoir GRACE, a memoir details her incredible life and career in the industry, beginning with her modelling career in london after she left her home in wales at only sixteen. after winning a vogue modelling competition at seventeen, having whirlwind love affairs and completing her first modeling contract (nudes shot in the frickn woods by norman parkinson) – coddington went on to climb the ladder at vogue, starting out as a junior editor before becoming the creative director at american vogue. she’s also anna wintour‘s right hand and remains one of the most respected and influential women in the industry. badass for a 71 year old.

my favourite highlight from the four page excerpt? grace on what she used to carry in her modelling bag:

i had a huge selection of costume jewelry. i always included a push-up bra, which helped me look a little more busty, and heated hair rollers. you had these if you were madly up-to-date and avant-garde, which i was.

i honestly don’t think i could love her any more. if you’re not convinced, watch the september issue (and try not to cry during anna wintour’s opening monologue) (whatever, you know you welled up!!!)

image via voguepedia

you can read the full excerpt over here at vogue, and of course, purchase the full memoir (or pre-order it now) once it releases on november 20th (late birthday present for me? hint hint!)

top image via vogue


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