music monday: austra

happy monday ninjas! typically, mondays are very shit days. today started off no different – it is absolutely freezing in montreal (bonjour winter)! i decided that despite today getting off to a shit start, i would make the best of it. winter means ski season is just around the corner, for one thing. for another, my first article for beatport has been published, and i strongly encourage you to go read it here. today is also the day that CNTRL: beyond edm comes to montreal and i could not be more stoked. i might pass out from happiness when richie hawtin and loco dice speak at the seminar which, as it turns out, i’m more excited for than the actual party at the SAT tonight at 8 pm. because i am a huge hopeless nerd and i can’t escape my academic past. i was the kind of student that actually looked forward to lecture.

sidenote: what’s up with the lack of posting?! i hear you say, sighing to yourselves about how much you need some little city love in your lives. or, you know, how i imagine things would go if people actually read my blog, which i’m beginning to doubt. everyone is such a visual learner (last weekend someone said “you know…you have sooo much text on your blog”) these days that it’s dawning on me how little people care about the written word. i still care, though. and hopefully there are a few souls out there who do?

the lack of posting is a result of my insane schedule, which means this weekend saw the first real sleep i’ve gotten in weeks. luckily, i’m back with a vengeance and this week’s music monday comes courtesy of toronto synthpop project, austra! even though this is a bit of an oldie, i stand firm that katie stelmanis has the most incredible vocals in synthpop – strikingly reminiscent of kate bush meets karin park with the attitude of karin dreijer andersson….she’s incredible and she’s even better live (read my review of austra at pop montreal, right here). the beast, from the band’s debut album feel it break, is a trembling, haunting melody that lets katie’s vocals take the spotlight – this tune has been getting me through some major speedbumps the past couple days. hope you enjoy!

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