LC007 / M4CR0

okay ninjas, i know it’s been a minute since my last post but this one comes just in time for the weekend with a very special speaker session courtesy of a very beautiful person and a talented up and coming DJ, michael armstrong, also known as M4CR0.

[this session has been archived. for a downloadable version, get in touch here]

like me, michael’s love of electronic music originated from his time spent on the dancefloor, offered small glimpses of the EDM movement when he lived in san francisco. after a (smart) move to montreal with his mentor and best friend, zeina, michael has become an integral cog in the montreal electronic underground – from throwing parties in the city’s original rave cave, the basement (where he played his first set at the loft’s closing jam not too long ago), with friends (and influences) en espagnol, and becoming closely integrated in the music elements through friends in the hushlamb crew, michael’s presence has quickly become a necessity on the dancefloor. it wasn’t long before michael took to the decks himself, with the help of zeina, to create his persona as M4CR0, citing a recording of dana ruh spinning live at the gloss club as his first awareness of the power of DJs and musical performance:

“dana ruh taught me through that mix was the role (and what i view as the responsibility), of the DJ to take you on a journey through music, with each track serving as a bridge from one feeling & mood, to the next. it’s kept me mindful of what i want to accomplish in a set through programming, before putting one together”

after only a year behind the decks, M4CR0’s style has steadily developed, emobdying the kind of musical journey that he has always sought after. continually hitting on-point, ever-sensual notes with his aptly-titled mixes, M4CR0’s style often falls into heavy vocals with moments of pulsating darkness before rising back up with growling bass that feels somehow lively and full of bounce despite its deep, deep overtones. a musical journey indeed. his mix for little city is a shrewd distillation of that sound, a hybrid of light and dark that entirely encapsulates his unabashedly sexy allure.

“this mix is a departure from previous sets i’ve put together. i wanted to put together a versatile set with equal parts sunshine and shadow, with sounds i’ve been inspired by lately. i was aiming to add a little warmth to days that are getting colder and darker. as opposed to a putting together a straight up party mix, i thought i’d record something you could enjoy while you cook, work, live and love.

when people trust me enough to listen to a set the whole way through, they become exposed to my own definition of techno in ways that they wouldn’t have necessarily thought were their own taste or up their alley so to speak, but do in context of the greater experience”

you can find M4CR0 on soundcloud for more deep, sexy beats, as well as on facebook. be sure to clicky clicky, you’ll definitely be seeing more of this young supahstar in the near future!


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