music monday: lindsay lowend + jonah baseball

image via paperblog

happy monday morning ninjas! hope that everyone’s weekend was as full of amazing music as mine was!! today’s music monday comes courtesy of lindsay lowend and jonah baseball. the two were previously unknown to me before a mix from greek downtempo duo keep shelly in athens pointed me in their direction and i have to say, i’m really feeling the r&b beats in their collaborative track, should be.

both artists are pretty ambiguous and shrouded in mystery etc so sadly there’s not any good pics of either of them (the below is album art from ll’s unofficial EP) but from what i could find, lindsay lowend is the alias of DC duo dads on display’s tony mendez,  straying from dod’s ghetto funk and disco-tinged sounds to offer post-R&B vibes across hip-hop beats and sultry downtempo landscapes.

image via turbocityunderground

jonah baseball’s profile is even more unclear but using top notch sleuthing skills, i’m going to propose that jonah baseball is actually the other half of dads on display (thoughts?), articulating a similar sound, heavily influenced by hip hop and R&B across somewhat cheese video-gamey-electro-pop-sounding beats.

all else aside, the track above is glorious, even managing to hit my love affair with amy winehouse right on the nose, with a looped remix of her vocals from stronger than me. amped up with sex appeal, sultry guitar riffs and dreamy ambience, the track is a deep, sensual take on amy’s original. a big win for me.

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