fall photo diary

a little long overdue but fall seemed to zoom by so quickly that i barely had a chance to capture it! the past two months have been pretty difficult and stressful and a lot of new crap has been piled on to my life – i’m actually happy to welcome the winter months because that means not only christmas (joy! jesus!) but a new year and the coming of SNOW, meaning that i can get back on the slopes (which is, subsequently, where i do my best thinking – in between jamming out to techno while i ski and trying not to kill anyone/myself).

i’m switching back to the old format – i liked the gallery format but this allows for more comments. and i know you guys love my peanut gallery. here are a few of my favourite moments from october and november…

blowing out the candle on my reese’s peanut butter birthday cup at the office! big love to the silly faces that set this up :)

shopping for a friend’s birthday present and reveling in the absurdly overpriced, shit quality gimmick accessories that were the anna dello russo for h&m collection. sigh. sometimes i hate being in this industry.

baked potatothe soup binge continues (and trust me this is a trend in this post so you’re better off getting over it now) – this is baked potato soup with turkey bacon, chives, sour cream and cheddar cheese. i found the recipe here!

bdayi celebrated my 23rd birthday in november! these lovely decorations were hung up with great care in my friend’s living room at a wine & cheese-birthday celebration hybrid for me and girlaboutMTL.

borschti just made this gem last night! i’ve been a borscht girl for a long time (what can i say, i love beets) – this is homemade beet and carrot soup with lemon zest, ginger and goat cheese. here‘s the recipe!

butterpumpkin butter straight from cali from my main gurl erikawhy! full disclosure, i made an entire batch of pillsbury biscuits, slathered them in pumpkin butter and ate them in like 2 days. zero shame.

charliea very special edition of speaker sessions – one of my best girls, charlie aka nolan brown took on a whole new style of music with her mix. post-dubstep R&B flavoured goodness featuring tracks from the xx, lana, shlohmo, jacques greene, ifan dafydd and more. check it out! above photo by nania sergi.

costumemy incredibly awkward photo from my office’s halloween costume contest. i was a jellyfish (obviously) (and NOT a bride, who do you think i am?). stupidly, i did not win (not even for most original costume) the contest was totally rigged since all the guys in the warehouse voted for my friend who was wearing a blanket and a fake mustache. no offense. the umbrella quickly became a crowd favourite at scareo – people kept trying to dance under it with me (not cool)!! definitely one of my favourite costumes to date.

corntrip to the st lawrence market while visiting my boyfriend in toronto for thanksgiving! a really amazing weekend with a ton of amazing food!

dollsmy friend and i had WAY too much fun unpacking (reverse-nesting?) these matryoshka dolls while at a wine & cheese night (which has quickly become our tradition). needless to say, we fucking lost it when what we thought was the tiniest doll popped open and a freakishly small doll with a squished face fell out.

drinksas tradition dictates, my friends and i get blackout drunk every year on my birthday. last year ended with an unnamed friend going home in someone else’s shoes and me needing a nap before we even left the house. this year i celebrated at laika montreal – thanks to everyone for making it a very special night.

ericabdaymy friend ericasia came to town for a visit and celebrated her birthday so of course, close friends from out of town stopped in for a night of silliness as well.

gamesome birthday love from my best and oldest friends all the way from toronto! again, full disclosure, we like, really liked acronyms in high school. this is GAME (without the E, obviously). yeah we were cool. this is probably why we had no friends in high school.

kbbqmy boyfriend and i took my mom to korean bbq for the first time! i ate like it was going out of style. my mom exploded a shrimp onto her blouse (seriously) and has vowed never to go back to kbbq. this is at korean grill house at yonge and bloor.

m4croanother very special speaker session as my boy M4CR0 made his little city debut with a banging deep techno mix. take a listen over here and be sure to like his new facebook page!

margielai counted down to this moment for like 8 months. maison martin margiela x h&m hit stores november 15th! since i’m a huge margiela fan but too broke to ever even dream of buying the real thing..this was a godsend. i went home (happily) with the two dress dress and the trompe l’oeil bodysuit. which i later returned because wearing it made me lose feeling in my extremities.

marycontinuing the super cool trend of me going to see broadway musicals by myself, i went to see mary poppins at salle wilifred pelletier. unfortunately it was the longest musical to ever exist. seriously it had more endings than lord of the rings.

mtoeli was invited to be an extra in montreal folk band motel raphael‘s video for ghosts! you can read all about my experience right here!

phomore soup! this time i made fake pho (aka ramen on steroids) with bean sprouts, spinach, chicken, scallions and a ton of noodles. oodles of noodles, if you will.

pieyes world, it has happened! i made pumpkin pie from SCRATCH. it took two whole days of baking (with my mom, while my boyfriend laughed from the other room and took pictures of me wearing an apron). it was a lot of work but so incredibly worth it.

potato leekyes, more soup. this pic doesn’t do it justice but it was fucking delicious. creamy potato leek with parmesan cheese! recipe from here.

richiean unforgettable afternoon and night as the richie hawtin CNTRL beyond EDM tour passed through montreal. 2 hours of lecture followed by a night of debauch at the SAT. you can read my review of the event here.

st lawrencemore fun at the st lawrence market! infinite amounts of necklaces hanging from different stalls!

tiny cupcakefridays at work are best spent with a tiny cupcake made out of chocolate. so delicious and instagrammed so many times.

workthe life of a blogger! post work work on a wednesday night! it took 2 cans of starbucks ice coffee to get me through that night.


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