music monday: burial


today’s music monday is a special one, as the track is not new or recently discovered but has been on repeat a lot the past couple weeks. this weekend marked the one year anniversary of the passing of an old friend. even though he and i were not close, his passing shook me in a way that, even now, a year later, i’m not sure i truly understand. we had kept in touch, bonding through a mutual passion for music,  and in the days leading up to his death we spoke at length about what we were listening to at the time – true to form, i listed off a number of techno artists from big room sound to lesser known minimal producers. kiel was unfazed – as one of my neighbourhood’s first true junglists (the kind of music enthusiast that was listening to genres you’d never even heard of, and jamming out all day), the techno scene was old news for him, but, likewise one of the rare kind individuals from my high school, he respected my taste. the discussion turned to a dub producer i’d never heard of, phaeleh, who has since become a personal favourite, before the inevitable burial debate began. it was a conversation i’ll never forget. kiel spoke so passionately about music and articulated an incredibly deep understanding of it beyond simply technical comprehension; we circled the topic a few times before each settling on our favourites. mine, archangel. his, unite.

i’m not really sure what this post of mine is supposed to be, other than to share a uniquely moving conversation i had with an old friend. the conversation ended shortly after the discussion of burial…in a way, it’s all that really needed to be said. anyone who knows me understands the healing power that i find in music, and since kiel’s passing, unite has been a great source of comfort for me in a time that continues to puzzle me, and shake me to my very core.

kiel, thank you for your unconditional kindness and the warm, easy nature of your personality, your strength of character and most of all, the way your passion for music has helped fuel the same passion in me.


5 thoughts on “music monday: burial

  1. This touched me. I think there’s an emotional power in Burial’s music that goes deeper than most others, music for the midnight hours.

    I’m incredibly sorry for your loss.

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  4. This is Kiel’s mom. I had never seen this post before today. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings about him. It means a lot that a person who did not consider themselves a close friend would take the time to remember on the first anniversary of his death. The image you painted of Kiel with your words was so true and honest. As we approach 3 years since he died, I am comforted by the constant expressions of love and respect for his memory posted by everyone who was touched by him. I hope that music continues to be an important passion in your life.

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