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although the party scene in montreal is by no means suffering, it’s been a while since we’ve experienced the kind of party that makes you feel something. i’m not talking about that night you got so bombed at stereo, or the early afternoon at piknic where you tore up the dancefloor as the sun set. i’m not even talking about that sweet but smokey loft party where the music was beyond. i’m talking about the kind of party where the combination of sound, atmosphere, attitude and bounce are at just the right level – leaving you with the taste of the night in your mouth, always wanting more.

a little seph goodness to enjoy while you read!

okay, i know. that sounds really hyperbolic and actually kind of slutty now that i’m reading it back, but if you don’t know what i’m talking about, then you’ve never partied properly in montreal. i’ve only experienced the above phenomenon a handful of times in the six years i’ve lived in this city and i’m so happy and excited to share that the first ever brain & booty event was one of them.

for those of you unfamiliar with the new montreal imprint, brain & booty is a recently launched project by esteemed dancefloor babes mani and zeina (whom you may recognize from a recent speaker sessions mix) in an effort to create events that would connect with their audience but more importantly to “keep the dancefloor moving without compromising on intellect.” all too often, events focus on the, for lack of a better word, glamour side – big names, bright lights, glitzy flyers and the same crowds vibrating to the same beats night after night. frankly, it’s become such a trend in montreal that even when we’re out doing something “different,” it’s still pretty much the same. the brain & booty philosophy is journey in every sense of the word. wrapping you up in sound and taking you somewhere else for the night, a new experience, new faces and, of course, new music.

“we are interested in having at least 1 live PA in our lineups, we are also really big on programming. we consider the night holistically, the night is a journey. from the first artist on the line-up to the last, its important to have a slow surge in intensity – to take people from A to B is an element that excites us.” – zeina and mani

it was with much excitement and anticipation that i awaited the friday of the first brain & booty jam. i had high hopes and i couldn’t wait to get on the dancefloor for a night of bootyshaken to some of the most talented artists in this city, along with a very special guest. the bill was set for an opening slot from zeina and daoust (another speaker sessions alum), followed by a DJ set from archipel labelhead, pheek and finished off with a live PA from argentinian producer, seph. i wasn’t too familiar with seph’s work, but from what i had listened to, and what i had heard, the guy was the real fuckin’ deal. unfortunately, pheek couldn’t make it due to illness but luckily daoust and zeina were armed with more than enough bump and bounce to fuel the party until seph took over just after midnight.


even though vinyl is, admittedly, not my favourite venue in montreal, it was the perfect setting for an inaugural event like this one. intimate with a surprisingly tight sound system, the place was abuzz with happy, silly faces (as opposed to the sketchy, far gone faces i’ve become used to seeing at the usual events). everyone was there to have a good time and that became steadily clearer as the night progressed. despite an aptly hazy atmosphere, the dancefloor went non stop. the night marked my second time hearing daoust and zeina play together, and theirs is the kind of sound that makes you wonder why they’ve only just started performing as a duo. effortless chemistry, slick track selection and equal parts quirky and dirty, courtesy of daoust and zeina respectively – a killer combination.

“playing with zeina is easy…the flow is effortless, we listen to each other, we have similar tastes in music and share a common point of view in terms of DJing. when zeina asked me to play with her for this one, i was really excited about it. the fusion of our minimal sounds and the techno sounds from seph was just perfect” – daoust

seph stepped up to the booth and fulfilled all my expectations. and then some. clean but breaky techno that pushed and pulled you in all the right spots, backed by bouncing percussive elements and powered by seph’s natural charisma. it was obvious he was loving it, and the crowd fed off his energy. a vicious cycle in the best kind of way.


“what an amazing night! i had heard that people in montreal were really cool but this was so much over my expectations! very inspiring music from zeina and her crew, i’m happy to see so much interest in a “different” kind of techno music. definitely the most fun gig i’ve had in north america. thank you!” – seph

all in all, the night projected some amazing vibes, and with mani’s ineffable presence on the dancefloor, the night was a huge success. i can’t wait to see what brain & booty has in store in 2013.

“mani is one of the most fun people i’ve witnessed on a dancefloor-  i think having those key people makes all the difference. it was pretty magical watching our friends and people who came to our night dance from start to finish. when the lights come on, and people still have their hands in the air, you know it was good!” – zeina


brain & booty :: facebook
zeina :: soundcloud :: facebook :: speaker sessions
daoust :: soundcloud :: speaker sessions
seph :: soundcloud


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