twenty thirteen

image by leah flores

happy new year ninjas!

what a silly new year’s eve – much quieter than past NYEs but exactly what i was looking for; just some drinks, some music and some silliness with good friends. what did you guys do?!

currently playing in my ears, check it out while you read

a lot of people around the blogosphere and internet in general did one of those re-cap posts where they basically recycled old news and wrote long essays that linked internally to every other article they’d written in 2012 (not naming names). i considered doing this as well, but i decided i would rather drink whiskey and eat pizza. that and i’m lazy and honestly, the whole idea seemed a lot of work. instead, i decided (two days late) to look to the future instead of the past, and tell you guys my new year’s resolutions, my hopes for 2013 and what you can expect from little city this year.

– little city facebook page. apparently this is a good idea and i’m late on the uptake. it’ll happen. keep an eye out, robots!

#whymusic #25words project! even though there has been a little (read: a ton) of confusion as to how the project is going to work, i’ve had some amazing responses. read the details right here, and remember, you can submit just about ANY IMAGE that you feel best represents your love of music or why music is important to you. i plan on really turning this into something. check it out and spread the word!

– exciting news: in just 2 weeks, little city turns 1! my baby is all grown up and saving china! but seriously folks, it’s been a crazy year and i’m so proud of what little city has become since its inception. expect a little goodie to celebrate!

– moar music! i’m digging speaker sessions like crazy, and everyone else seems to be too. you can definitely expect some fresh tunes in 2013 (with an exclusive set from billy dalessandro coming up this weekend!)

– VIDEO. i’ve been thinking about this for a while, and thought about keeping it a secret…but i’m too excited. i won’t tell you much more because i want to keep it a surprise but i hope to introduce little city productions this year as well.

– more op-eds. when i started little city last year, the plan was to only feature op-eds! they are a ton of work, and often have the least amount of reward interaction-wise, but they’re really where my heart is and i plan on producing more content as the year goes on.

– more press passes! is that egotistical? yeah, i don’t care. i mean it in a slightly less selfish way than it seems – i want to become recognized as a journalist or a professional blogger. and i want free shit.

– my own photos! i know i have photo diaries, which are super fun to make and really rewarding, i think i want to focus more on developing my actual skills. as opposed to, you know, instagram.

– book reviews! is this a bad idea? probably. believe it or not, i’ve actually gotten in trouble for things i say on the interwebz but…i feel like people need to hear my cynical ramblings about books. this is a tentative one. what do you guys think?

recipe shares. i’ve really started loving to cook. i used to hate it. full disclosure, i didn’t know how to chop an onion until about last summer. but i really love it now, and am, surprisingly, good at it (i’m my own biggest fan). since you all know about my soup binge, i think you deserve to peep some delicious photos and drool over my creations. nom nom nom.

– more interviews! i love featuring amazing and talented people on little city. it’s a lot of work but it really pays off. i’ve been so busy lately that they’ve kind of been put on the wayside but you can expect a ton more this year. check em all out at their new fancy pants page right here!

image by leah flores

– as for resolutions…two years ago, i gave up starbucks for my new year’s resolution. i have stuck with it. it’s the only resolution i’ve ever kept. i used to spend almost 25 bucks a week on starbucks (scary, i know), and now i only let myself drink it if someone else is buying ;) (which, actually, happens more than you’d think because people are always buying me gift cards!) so, let’s hope i can keep this one up.

– be healthy. this is like a daily resolution which quickly crumbles the second i enter the grocery store and am faced with bags of chips and tubs of ice cream. i’m weak. plus i hate the gym so i don’t really see this one lasting very long. it’s more like one of those fake resolutions that i talk about constantly because other people are healthy and it makes me feel bad. then i get over it and eat a whole pizza (that actually happened this weekend)

– save money and TRAVEL. after my trip next week, my goal is to have enough money saved up for another trip next winter. wish me luck, friends!

– i want to keep working the job that i love, but i want to move up in the world! i want more contracts as well and i want to spread the good word of emma through as many outlets as i possibly can. i’ve really realized how much i love writing and sharing my voice – i want to gain experience in every sense of the word.

– i want to explore more. i love montreal and i want to start exploring all the different neighbourhoods, maybe take some photos too. even though i do want to travel, there’s still exploring to be done at home, right?

what were your new year’s resolutions? what are you looking forward to this year?

big love! alright 2013, let’s go!


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