december photo diary

it’s january already? what?!

december was a blur. a cold, snowy, busy, work-filled blur that is pretty much just a stain on my life because i genuinely feel like i didn’t accomplish very much. point in case being the pathetic SIX pieces i wrote last month. blogging is hard. pity me! but with the start of a new year, come the obligatory new year’s resolutions that i’m really going to do my best to keep. except the being healthy one because let’s face it, i think that ship has sailed.

that being said, i’m going to be a pretty big hypocrite right now and inform you all of the 11 day long little city hiatus that’s about to occur. sad for you but happy for me because i’ll be in sunny mexico, trying to be wary of the thieves, drugs and unscrupulous mexicans that lurk around every corner (according to my mom) (little does she know, there’s an abundance of all three right here in montreal).

despite being a busy, work-filled blur, i still had some adventures in december. here’s my december photo diary for the enjoyment of your eyes and…you know, souls.

on christmas vacation in toronto – waiting on my friend, drinking bottomless coffee and generally winning at everything. advice: don’t wear a dress with no stockings in the winter in toronto. people stare like this is brand new information.

running around the old port in montreal at night – spooooky! although also super awesome and lovely.

found a sketch zombie lady in the bathroom at passeport while partying at mini-malice for a certain badger’s birthday! so much graffiti in those stalls.

apparently i was good this year! we did secret santa at my work. my person got me a L and a half of whiskey, apparently on the advice of every other person in my office. #1!

also some werk love! the only good photo of me (mostly bc i spent the rest of the night accidentally flashing my coworkers in that daym margiela dress) from my staff xmas party, with my main girl, rickyjoe

ringing in christmas the right way! had to go rescue my tree in a snowstorm but it was worth it. a tiny pink disco tree, for a tiny me, what else?

ah yes. the cooking adventures continue. i made ravioli. i followed a recipe and somehow it still turned into a fucking nightmarish disaster after three long hours of labour. big mistake. find a similar recipe here!

pulp magazine‘s sixth issue drops and arrives neatly on my boss’s desk at work. needless to say i wasted no time in devouring it. such beautiful work.

me and my best girl ruby redbean spent the day hanging out with little city regular, the talented dj e.steria during my stay in toronto!

#bratcentral – that is my tiny head atop my family’s christmas tree. it’s been our tree topper for pretty much my entire life. although, i have to say, i’m surprised my mom didn’t swap my face out for a pic of my dog.

trying desperately not to get sick, i indulged in some soothing hot lemon and ginger tea with honey. and rum, because i mean, let’s be serious.

my buddy (and speaker sessions alum) daoust and i at the december mini malice! such a silly night!

reveling in the glory of the sneaker wall (by little city cohort chris noble of course)

it’s a bit of a sham for me to make the same mulan joke again here. and what are you, a sheep?! this is at some sketchy chinese place in toronto.

this is actually half of the “north of brooklyn pizzeria” sign on queen street in toronto.

i came back from 5 days in toronto to the snowglobe that is montreal. 48 cm of snow in one day. i also did not own a shovel. it was not pretty. this is a group of us struggling to walk to the metro from work due to non-functioning buses and lack of snow tires. sweet.

more pulp love

i got the dinner with julie for beginners and the very dumb (me) cookbook for christmas from my sister. i made lemon chicken parm risotto. it was brilliant but now i will be eating risotto for the rest of my natural born existence. find the recipe here!

i would have more photos but i like to hibernate during the winter. what can i say.

see you all in 10 days! xx


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