happy birthday little city

heartstrue to form, i’m a couple days late, but i’m so proud and happy to announce that on january 14th 2013, little city celebrated one year of existence! a whole freakin’ year! unfortunately, i was hugging the toilet after a pretty insane 10 day journey to mexico for the bpm festival (the vomiting was likely the result of stomach flu, post-party syndrome and a reaction to the horrendous weather in montreal upon my sad, sad return) (i cried real tears guys, it’s literally minus 30 out)

initially, i hadn’t planned anything to celebrate my little city’s big 1 year, even though i am more stoked than you can imagine to be embarking on a second (hopefully) successful year as the sole editor and content writer for this blog. it’s been one hell of a ride, to say the least. i’ve shed blood, sweat and tears, spent time and money, lost my sanity, stomped it out on countless dancefloors, laughed, cried (worth mentioning twice), smiled, stressed, promoted, supported, been supported, and most of all, had my heart burst with the overwhelming amount of love that has been shown for this little idea of mine. i’m so proud of what this blog has become, and it’s thanks, in large part, to the amazing contributors, producers, DJs, photographers, event coordinators and, of course, the incredible support system, fans and avid readers that have had my back for the past year.

it absolutely blows my mind when friends, acquaintances and strangers approach me to express how much they love little city. the first time a complete stranger spoke to me about my blog last year, i was floored, and grinning ear to ear for about a week. needless to say that feeling hasn’t completely evaporated. so, to celebrate little city’s birthday, i would like to extend my sincerest thanks to everyone who has made this last year possible, and cheers to many more.

big love


p.s: be on the look out for a little city facebook page in the coming days!


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