LC009 / billy dalessandro


hot on the heels of the last speaker session podcast, which featured some bouncy min tech from our girl shibby shitegeist, comes the first little city mix of 2013! and it’s a fuckin’ good one. the new year is bringing all kinds of new things, and i’m very excited to announce that the ninth speaker session was recorded by none other than billy dalessandro.

i first discovered billy‘s music at an intimate, underground party at vinyl in montreal sometime last year, and after hearing him live for the second time at last summer’s sound in motion festival in toronto, there was no turning back. his presence on stage is inimitable – it would be an understatement to say that he controls the dancefloor. bootyshakin and debadgery on a whole new level. an incredibly talented producer/composer/DJ triple threat, and chicago native now based out of montreal, billy is co-owner of siteholder records (a progressive chicago music imprint that’s been around since 2006) along with downtown brown and brian ffar. siteholder proudly projects an on-point blend of contemporary techno and throwback-style jackin house elements – a firm nod to the imprint’s homebase and the trio’s roots. 2013 is off to the right start for siteholder, as the imprint is announcing an unprecedented (but very intriguing) return to vinyl!

“this is a huge decision for us in that we understand both the minimal yet strong demand for vinyl, as well as it’s difficult economic nature that we must deal with. however, we feel it’s high-time to make the return again and ‘immortalize’ our strongest releases! ” – billy dalessandro


now for the mix. his first DJ’d podcast of sorts in over five years, billy’s mix, dubbed polar north (a fitting title in this chilly season), takes a languid, almost creepy start with subtle, dizzy vocals before bursting into the spacey, bouncy billy-fied beats that we know and love. astutely progressive but never losing the churning energy introduced early on, the mix chugs along in full force thanks to those round techno basslines. an attuned distillation of his version of minimal, space-rave techno – weird but completely hypnotic in its own right.

“i haven’t done a mix in forever so i wanted to mix up songs both old and new. they’re simply tracks that i like, and i also wanted to present some real breadth in regards to musical context. i find that good mixes are prime examples of a sort of musical voyeurism. in this particular mix i strived for musical richness, variation in style and neither keeping things too linear nor too-perfectly mixed” – billy dalessandro


2012 was, needless to say for most of the robots i feature here on little city, a big year for billy. a longtime cohort of montreal based label, archipel, billy just saw the release of his album, fractalization, an aptly titled avant-garde electronic project that showcases his more experimental vision (or in his words, an esoteric world of sounds and patterns) (nice right? he could be writing this blog). you can hear a few special tidbits over on soundcloud! but he hasn’t stopped there – you can also expect to see another EP, this time entitled escalante, which will include live acoustics from his friend, john davison. guitar and techno. what could be better?! finally, spring will see yet another release from billy (seriously dude, making the rest of us look bad), on his own siteholder records, but perhaps most importantly, on vinyl, in line with the label’s immortalization of sound. hardcore, right?

follow billy > official site :: soundcloud :: facebook :: twitter :: siteholder,/a>


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